Xích điện NITCHI MHT5

MHT-5 2-speed electric chain hoist has a 4 to 1,  fast to slow lifting speed ratio.  Depressing the push button switch is all that is needed to efficiently handle material with the slow-speed or fast-speed.  The slow-speed is particularly effective for accurately spotting a load without having to do the harmful inching operation.  Like the MH-5 single-speed electric chain hoists,  the MHT-5 2.speed electric chain hoists are also available directly coupled to manual trolleys or to motorized trolleys.  2-  speed motorized trolleys with 3 to 1,  fast to slow traverse speed ratio are also available. You can obtain maximal working efficiency with the ultimate combination of a 2-speed electric chain hoist with 2-speed motorized trolley.
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Developed to handle precision work such as positioning, the MHT-5 is equipped with a 1-to-4 two-speed function to achieve optimal work efficiency.

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