Xích điện NITCHI MHC5

The specially developed high performance capacitor-start induction motors of Model MHC-5 single-phase hoist are extremely long wearing and will enable reliable handing of heavy loads on household power sources When used together with a Nitchi trolley,  it will be possible to use Model MHC-5 on a large variety of applications for the efficient and safe transportation of loads.
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The MHC-5 conveniently runs on 100V home power supply. 
In addition to the superb features of the MH-5, the MHC-5/MCE-5 is equipped with a dedicated single-phase 100V compact motor. This makes the MHC-5/MCE-5 a suitable choice for use in factories as well as in light-load environments such as carpentry and farming. 
Users can select the type of trolley according to the work environment.

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